About the project 

The vision 

The vision is to create a researcher’s toolbox by establishing a number of digital Danish text, speech and visual resources and associated tools and to integrate these resources into a web-based environment for research thus creating a much needed support for Danish humanities and enhance its possibilities for European collaboration. The Danish CLARIN project will also improve the conditions for Danish language technology research and development by starting a structured approach to a Danish BLARK.

European collaboration 

The Danish CLARIN project will follow standards and recommendations developed in the preparatory phase of the European CLARIN project, see www.clarin.eu ,but it is important to realize that this project has not been granted as a preparatory phase project in parallel with the European project. It involves an independent Danish investment in the construction of a national infrastructure that will stand alone as a vital contribution to the Danish research enterprise. For this reason it was vitally important for the consortium to design the work packages in such a way as to be able to deliver as a result not only the technical infrastructure but also as many types of content as possible.

Work Packages

The work is organized in five thematically defined main work packages, three of which are dedicated to making content available, while one focuses on the technical infrastructure and one on project management.