Publications and lectures

On this page you will find publications and lectures about the contents of the project and its results. The most recent documents are placed at the top of the list.




  • Foredrag om det danske CLARIN-projekt, 15 december 2008 på et norsk CLARIN-møde i Bergen af Hanne Fersøe.
  • Distinguishing the communicative functions of gestures. K. Jokinen, C. Navarretta and P. Paggio. In A. Popescu-Belis and R. Stiefelhagen (eds.) Proceedings of 5th Joint Workshop on Machine Learning and Multimodal Interaction, Utrecht, September 2008, Springer, 38-49.
  • Fri og bunden forskning om CLARIN-DK. WP2.3 Knowledge for Everyman. Foredrag af Hanne Ruus 9. september 2008 på MUDS12-konferencen.